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Created for The Print Room in West London, Jealousy was a collaboration between four choreographers and artist Laurence Kavanagh, in response to the novella of the same name by Alain Robbe-Grillet. 


‘a stylish, clever experiment... a genuinely pioneering venture.’ 


‘Jealousy brings together rising artists and some vivid imagery’ 


Commissioned by The Print Room

Music by Ravel

Set Laurence Kavanagh

Originally created as finalist solo for Rhys Yeomans in BBC Young Dancer 2017, English National Ballet School commissioned an extended 15 minute work for whole graduating year group. 


'It’s a concisely structured, neo-classical piece working on fast moving traverse patterns, sparse and athletic, and a great vehicle for the third years.'

MAGGIE FOYER  Seeing Dance

'Their continuous path across the back was hypnotic, as they rejoined in a chain of linked hands. Couples who broke away were reabsorbed, until by the finale the stage filled with surging energy. This is an original creation well worth preserving for future performances.' JANN PARRY  Dance Tabs


First Commissioned by BBC Young Dancer then developed by English National Ballet School 


Music by John Adams

Costumes by Morgann Runacre-Temple

Inspired by surrealist artist Dorothea Tanning (b.1910-d.2012), taking inspiration from her soft sculptures that showed multiple humanoid shapes intertwined into one form. At a glance, you can make out various limbs or body parts, an angle or a poise, but not separate individuals.


Anna Meredith composed HandsFree in 2012 for the National Youth Orchestra. This piece uses the body as an instrument, every sound you hear is made up from clapping or hitting the body, using the voice or the breath as well as human beat boxing and clicking. This very organic, human sound, felt like a fitting response to Tanning’s sculptures.

'Although I think of it as bold and powerful piece there wasn’t any aggression at all in it – pleasingly soft power is unusual.'

Bruce Marriott DANCETABS

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